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At this time, we are not accepting new clients.


about us

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Taylor Peters has been working with animals since she was little. She has assisted in births of puppies, medicated sick pets, and worked with animal aggressive dogs.

She currently resides in Greenwood with her fiance' and their two dogs. Jimmy is a mutt from Tails & Trails Rescue, who loves being around others - dogs & humans - and loves being out around the town! Midget is a Pug/Jack Russell mix, and due to her aggression toward other animals, she cannot go to doggy day cares or dog parks. It is so important to Taylor that Midget stays in a safe location, even when Taylor has to go out of town. With this in mind, Peters' Pet Sitting was born. So your pets (dogs, cats, small animals, & farm animals) can sit, stay, and play in their own home while you are away!

She works full time as a media clerk at Southport High School. The school’s contracted time ends at 3pm, leaving much of her day and school breaks open to build her business and care for others’ pets!

Taylor has worked with cats and dogs of all ages, as well as small animals (rats, mice, hamsters), reptiles, and farm animals. She is available for overnights - during which time she will also assist in duties around the house (mail collection, vacuuming, etc) and for drop in visits - during which time she will assist in walking dogs, scooping litter boxes, play time, etc.


Peters' Pet Sitting is insured through Pet Sitters Associates!


In September 2017, she completed the American Red Cross Cat and Dog First Aid training. The certificate awarded for completing this training does not expire for two years. She is always looking for ways to better improve herself for the company, the pets she cares for, and the peace of mind of the owners and pet parents.


In April 2018, Taylor joined Professional United Pet Sitters LLC (PUPS). You can view the Peters' Pet Sitting listing, as well as other pet sitters in your area, by following this link or clicking the image below!




These are Taylor's littles! Midget, Jimmy, and Mike Wazowksi.

Mike has passed away as of March 2018. He is forever in our hearts!




Drop In Visits

15 minutes: $12
-Potty walk/Let outside/Litter Box Scooped
-1 homemade treat


30 minutes: $18
-Potty walk/Let outside/Litter Box Scooped
-1 homemade treat


60 minutes: $24
-Potty walk/Let outside/Litter Box Scooped
-Walk around the neighborhood
-2 homemade treats

+$2 per each additional dog
+$1 for each additional cat/small animal (feeding/water)




Overnights are no longer a service that we are offering.


We have a potty guarantee! If your dog does not potty during the visit time frame, we will stay until they do!

And no additional fees for clean up!


Pet Taxi: $20 per trip
Trips to groomer's, the vet, or just to get a pup cup!
+$5 per hour after the first hour. 

*Any payments for services other than those provided by Peters' Pet Sitting will need to be paid by the owner.


Additional Fees:

Holiday Fee: +$5
Medication Administration Fee: +$1
Cancellation Fee: 50% of invoice - if cancelled within seven business days of service

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Service area

Outside of the service area will have an additional 30 cents per mile to and from the location added to invoices.

*Service area has been updated to reflect our new location as of January 2018.